Window Treatment Installation
Window Treatment Installation

Window Treatment Installation – DIY or Hire a Pro?

DIY is all the rage. Not only does it save homeowners money to complete tasks themselves, it also provides a nice sense of accomplishment. Or, at least it does when all goes well. Even the most handy homeowners can run into challenges when installing their own window treatments. After years of window treatment installation (and re-installation) here in the Charleston area, we see problems like this frequently with DIY window treatment installation:

  • Assuming that your windows are all the same size.
  • Assuming that your new window treatment can be mounted on the inside of your window.
  • Misjudging how different window treatments will hang together.
  • Not allowing space for lifting mechanisms.
  • Not considering motorization features, either to be installed now or later.
  • Assuming that all windows are perfectly square — they’re often not.

Steps the Pros Take When Installing Window Coverings

Our certified and professional installers at The Shutter Guy have perfected the process of accurate window treatment measuring. First, they measure horizontally at the top, center and bottom. Then, they measure vertically along both sides and at the center. Finally, they measure diagonally and combine the measurements to reveal if your window is really square.

With many options for installation — such as inside or outside mount and top-down-bottom-up styles, a pro installer can ensure your window treatments look and function just right. Professional window treatment installers are specialists in their field. They take your home architecture into consideration such as your window moldings, light switches, etc. to recommend the best installation. Correct measurement means knowing where the window treatment is going to be hung in relationship to your window.

Professional installers ensure you have the appropriate window treatment and mounting option selected. They use correct hardware to properly support your new window treatment and protect your window molding and frame. When you work with the professional window covering installers at The Shutter Guy, we guarantee your window treatments will operate perfectly.

Window Treatment Measuring and Installation in Charleston

Serving the greater Charleston area, the window treatment professionals at the Shutter Guy are trained to assist you in the selection of the right treatment for YOUR windows! Our knowledgeable and experienced staff knows how to ask the right questions to ensure your new window treatments exceed your expectations. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and be sure to check out our Calling Out Cancer program to see how a percentage of your purchase with us goes toward cancer support and research.

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