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Custom Drapery Refresher

Our customers throughout the Charleston SC area love custom drapery for its one-of-a-kind style. When you choose your unique fabric, pattern, and type of drapery, it’s sure to work perfectly in your home. At The Shutter Guy, we work with clients to create custom drapery projects that either complement their blinds and shades or stand-alone as a stylish yet functional window treatment. If you’re getting ready to start your own drapery project, be sure you know all the industry lingo to make sure you end up with exactly what you want.

The Language of Custom Drapery

In general, know the difference between drapery and curtains. Curtains tend to vary in length, while draperies usually fall all the way to the floor. The term “draperies” also can refer to lined or backed curtains with a fuller and heavier feel.

A hem is any bottom, side or top portion of the drapery fabric folded and sewn toward the back of the treatment. A 3-inch bottom hem is most common. Larger hems have a more high-end look.

A tieback holds each drape away from the center of the window. Tiebacks can be bands of matching fabric, braided cords, or tassels. This drapery accessory can be as toned back or dramatic as you’d like it to be.

The leading edge is a sewn fabric edge at the opening of your custom draperies. This part of your drapery can be coordinate with a secondary color in your decor and used in other accents, such as pillows or throws.

Puddling refers to an amount of extra drapery length that is spilled or “puddled” onto the floor. This design technique is most popular with drapery panels. Drapery that is opened and closed regularly doesn’t work well with the function or style of puddling.

The break in a set of drapery is the length at which the fabric hangs past the floor. From a design perspective, the floor is a visual break that causes a fold in a fabric. A 3-inch break is popular.

Mounting drapery on the inside or outside of your window frame creates a more contemporary look. Mounting on the outside of your window frame is more popular, and allows you to create window coverings that are longer than your actual windows, making the windows look bigger.

Custom Drapery in Charleston, SC

Serving the greater Charleston area, the window treatment professionals at the Shutter Guy are trained to assist you in the selection of the right treatment for YOUR windows! Our knowledgeable and experienced staff knows how to ask the right questions to ensure your new window treatments exceed your expectations. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and be sure to check out our Calling Out Cancer program to see how a percentage of your purchase with us goes toward cancer support and research.

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