PANTONE® Minion Yellow
PANTONE® Minion Yellow

PANTONE® Minion Yellow

If you’re interested in up-and-coming colors for your home, you might want to learn about the latest from Pantone. For the first time ever, Pantone color system is using the playful yellow from the Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me franchise, coining it “Minion” Yellow. The custom color will be included in the next color addition in the Fashion, Home+ Interiors color palette. If you’re looking to add the forecasted color—or any other shade—to your home, work with Shutter Guy serving Charleston. We’ll help you match the specific Pantone color you want.

Using Pantone Minion Yellow

Consider these color combinations:

  • Match Minion Yellow with purple, for the perfect complementary color combination.
  • Combine colors in a 60%-30%-10% balance, to ensure there is no competition among the colors. Try a brown room, with 30% yellow and 10% purple accent.
  • Use Minion Yellow as an accent, with colors such as indigo, magenta, and black.

If You Don’t Like the Forecasted Color

When selecting colors for your room, select the colors you love. Trendy colors come and go, and unless you have tons of money, you should go with what you love and not what you feel you need just because it’s stylish. When you use colors you don’t like, you will often focus on areas you would otherwise avoid. Don’t use the colors in rooms where you want to feel your best.

Pantone Color Reference

Pantone is the main reference tool for all industries when they work to match colors and forecasted hues. It includes a standardized numbering system to identify each color (for example: Pantone Red 199), making it easy for anyone to refer to a specific color.

Forecasted Colors

Remember, color forecasting is strictly to keep all manufacturers’ specifying the same colors to help the consumers coordinate and create a beautiful space. It is a guideline, and popular colors may vary in different regions.

Using Forecasted Colors in Charleston, SC

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