Inside or Outside Mount for Window Treatments
Inside or Outside Mount for Window Treatments

Inside Or Outside Mount for Window Treatment Installation

How long has it been since you’ve shopped for window treatments? If it’s been awhile, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The industry has come a long way from when Venetian blinds were all the rage. Today, you can choose from an almost unlimited selection of styles, colors, and fabrics, and you can customize your window treatments with innovative lifting systems. At Shutter Guy serving Charleston, we can help you find the right window treatment with the perfect fit.

Professional installation ensures your window treatments fit and function perfectly. Like any project, success starts in the planning stage. Consider these questions when planning for installation:

  • What is the depth of your window opening or casing?
    Do your windows lift up or have a crank handle?
    What kind of molding do you have around your windows?
    How much room do you have around the molding?

With this info, we can help you narrow in on the type of new window treatments that will work best for you, including whether or not to mount them inside or outside your window frame.

Inside Mount for Blinds or Shades

Inside mounting of window treatments is the most popular. Benefits of mounting window treatments inside your window include:

  • Providing a cleaner look in the window
  • Exposing your molding as an added decorating element
  • Complementing, rather than interfering with, draperies
  • Reducing energy costs by having the blind or shade lay closer to the glass

Outside Mount for Blinds or Shades

Outside mounting of your window treatments works well in specific applications. An outside mount covers the entire window and can provide a uniform look. Consider this installation option when:

  • The depth of your window is insufficient for the blind or shade to be mounted inside
  • You want the blind or shade to be totally off the window when raised
  • There is an obstruction inside the window frame
  • You have a unique or irregular window shape
  • You don’t want your window trim to show
  • Inside mounting would interfere with a window crank handle or alarm sensor
  • You want total privacy with no light gap

Choosing Inside or Outside Mount for Window Treatments – Charleston

Our window treatment experts will help you determine which type of installation is best for your windows and window treatments. Regardless of whether your new window treatments are inside or outside mount, they’re sure to provide privacy, sun protection, insulation and style. Serving the greater Charleston area, the window treatment professionals at the Shutter Guy are trained to assist you in the selection of the right treatment for YOUR windows! Our knowledgeable and experienced staff knows how to ask the right questions to ensure your new window treatments exceed your expectations. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and be sure to check out our Calling Out Cancer program to see how a percentage of your purchase with us goes toward cancer support and research.

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